Björgvin Friðgeirsson
Graphic Design Nomad

& Senior Designer at TestFlight
(+49) 157 3919 1297


Branding, Desktop App

Designed TestFlight's branding, website and refined internal UI elements in co-operation with Nando Rossi. Designed the TestFlight Desktop App, and reimagined Neven Mrgan's classic TestFlight Icon for Desktop as well as iOS 7. Art Direction for Illustrations by Vanja Mrgan.


UI & UX, Branding

FlightPath is a Mobile Analytics Platform to compliment TestFlight. I did feature design and information architecture with Brian Suda, designed the interface for the whole product, partnered with Neven Mrgan to design the Icon, and designed the brand. Art direction for Illustrations by Vanja Mrgan.



SkyRocket is an Ad Mediation Platform for mobile applications, the third product in the Burstly suite of products. I designed the Icon for the product, created the overall branding along with Nando Rossi, and did Art direction for the Illustrations by Vanja Mrgan.

Green Marine Technology

Branding, Web Design, Cartography

Green Marine Technology is a group of marine companies that do environmentally friendly products. Me and Darri Úlfsson branded their operation, and then we recruited Borgarmynd to create an interactive map showcasing their green and sustainable impact.

World Star iOS App

iOS App Design

World Star Hip Hop is a video website showcasing what's hot in hip hop and urban culture. I designed their new mobile app, which was developed by my friend Hjalti Jakobsson. Available on the iTunes App Store.


UI & UX Design

FutureBuilding is a web-based platform designed to revolutionize online fundraising. It shows donors how every dollar and cent is spent and provides engaging visuals that illustrate the impact of giving. I designed the whole interface for it while working with Future Partners in Half Moon Bay, California.

Reykjavík Center Map

Art Direction, Layout, UI Design

Borgarmynd is a talented collective in Iceland that works on various projects, including cartography. I helped art direct this lovely map of Reykjavík, did layout design for the print version and UI design for the online version. This map was featured in Gestalten's A Map Of The World Book.

For A Minor Reflection

Album design, web design

For A Minor Reflection is a fantastic post rock band from Iceland. I designed the album artwork for their aptly named EP, "EP", both Vinyl and CD. I also designed their website and merchandise using the same visual world, and the custom typeface used in the art.

Top NGOs Program

Visual Identity, Layout

A project I did with a team at Soup (now known as Future Partners). We were invited by the Chao Foundation to Beijing, to build a brand around The Top NGOs Program. I designed the visual identity for the project.

Various Posters

Print Design

A collection of posters I've designed for various events and publications. Some of them are pure studies in either technique or visual styles. I really enjoy exploring different ways of creating visual imagery.

Get Rich Slow

Concept, Branding, Execution

Get Rich Slow is the result of a bizarre yet rewarding thought process during Project M: Frankfurt. We rebranded old fountains in Frankfurt as wishing wells, then created an entrepreneurial opportunity for homeless people around it. with Sean Yeaton, Jeff Franklin, Anna Ly & Thierry Blancpain.

Typhoon Typeface

Brand Design, Desktop App

Typeface designed after geometry research in the course “Holy Geometry” at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Architectural drawings of the Public Library in Stockholm were reverse-engineered to unveil a proportional grid. Nominated for a Student Award by the Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers in 2009.



Various logos I've created throughout the years. I prefer working on branding in a wider context, especially when I can even affect the project on a product level, but from time to time I plant a seed and see where other people take it.